About Minganti

Minganti panorama

Minganti has a long tradition as a quality producer of machine tools.
Established since 1919 in Bologna - Italy, for almost a Century we have been specialists in supplying turning machines for the
Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace.

The philosophy that has guided our company through the years has always been to produce machines meeting the technical and economic needs of the moment, being a partner to our Customers in CO-ENGINEERING and therefore delivering the right machines and the right process.

The criteria behind Minganti’s activity are: Quality; Reliability; Accuracy; Durability; Efficiency; Flexibility; Returns on investment, meaning the intrinsic value of the plants of machines supplied; Constant upward of top quality levels; Talent and Modernity in the designs developed.

Over the years Minganti has produced many types of machines to meet the requirements of the market, all suitable for meeting the growing demands of the Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace sectors.  Owing to its experience in the production of different machines and particularly thanks to the excellent understanding, confidence and cooperation with the most important industries in the world, Minganti has increasingly improved its first class competence in the construction technology.

In particular, during the last 10 years we have been very much focused on hard turning, developing machines and technologies to meet the high (and higher) demands of our customers, mainly in Finish Hard Turning process

We know that this process requires more stable and rigid vertical machines and high accuracy in positioning, that we reach better with linear motors on all axes and high resolution glass scales, hydrostatic spindles, electropermanent magnetic chuck, Renishaw probes for measuring tools and parts, etc., and introducing more and more automation, and the so called "Intelligent Machining" which includes hardware and software development.

We are working on combined process machines and even the concept of “all in one”, means all processes in one clamping, like finish hard turning and super finishing process (e.g. honing or others). 

All our machines are equipped with the most advanced technologies, quality and automation and they are able cover part ranges from 0 mm to 2500 mm. 

Nowadays Minganti maintains the philosophy that has guided its past successes, with special awareness of the market’s current needs and therefore the product range responds more and better to the requirements of Quality, Versatility, Productivity, Reliability, Durability.