Minganti can provide both refurbishing, which means inspection and restoring of mechanical and electrical parts that are then reassembled using new or remachined components, and retrofitting which includes design changes to improve the machine’s performance compared to its original specifications. 

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An efficient maintenance of machinery ensures highest availability and therefore maximum productivity and lowest costs. 

To support its customers Minganti is offering Preventive Maintenance inspections at advantageous rates. 

Performed by professional and skilled Service Engineers, the purpose of the Preventive Maintenance inspection is to determine the current status of the machine by assessing the conditions of the hardware. 
A few days later the end of the Inspection, Minganti will provide a written report of the operations performed, an evaluation of the actual condition of the machine and a proposal of actions to be taken, if any, regarding repair or replacement. 

A Preventive Maintenance Inspection assures you the following advantages:

  • Prevents failures, productive stops and damages to things and people
  • Monitors the wearing status of machinery/equipment.
  • Comply with safety regulations
  • Allows early detection of faults and so to repair them before an unrecoverable and more expensive damage occurs.
  • Avoids the risk of sudden production stops that reduce productive efficiency
  • Maximizes the efficiency of the plant and results in a return on investment today saving on maintenance costs of tomorrow.
  • Enhances the machinery in time
  • Allows monitoring of operating costs
  • Allows to agree in advance the dates of intervention according to customer’s needs
  • Reduces the number of interventions
  • Reduces the costs of intervention
  • Reduces waiting times for spare parts
  • 20% discount on spare parts orders following the Preventive Maintenance Inspection Report
  • 15% discount on hourly rate for technical services following the Preventive Maintenance Inspection Report

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